Conference Attendance Scholarships

We at Loma Linda University believe that conferences work best when attended by members from all levels of academia. But we understand that attending conferences can be expensive.

To encourage attendance, we award conference attendance scholarships of up to $500 and free registration to the congress. The awards provide a contribution towards the cost of registration, accommodation, and meals.

Two levels of support:

Level One

  • Registration to the Congress (a value more than $400)
  • $500 to cover expenses

Level Two

  • Registration to congress (a value more than $400)


This scholarship is a support to those individuals who need funding to attend the congress. Please provide details on the need for conference attendance (e.g. undergraduates, unwaged postdocs). Presentation of a paper at the conference is not a condition of eligibility but will be considered for this grant. Priority may be given to first-time applicants and those working under the theme of the conference.


We are no longer taking applicants the deadline was Friday, January 12th. Decisions will be made shortly after the closing date.


Successful applicants will receive their funding at the conference.

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