Conference Profile 

Every five years this scientific conference on the health effects of plant based diets offers an opportunity for health professionals and researchers to learn from each other in plenary sessions, workshops, poster presentations and social gatherings.

Professional interest in vegetarian nutrition has now reached unprecedented levels; however, scientific knowledge regarding vegetarian diets and their effects on human health is far from complete. The Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition is designed to provide a review of the accumulated findings, and introduce theoretical concepts, practical applications and implications of vegetarian dietary practices for both the prevention of disease and the promotion of health, as well as for the furthering of research endeavors.

Participant Profile 

  • In 2013, we hosted 867 participants from 41 countries, and translated the Congress into 4 languages (an increase of over 150 participants from 2008).
  • 83% of attendees were from health professions; 11% from academics & research; 6% other
  • 92% rated the congress excellent to very good
  • About 1,000 participants are expected for the 2018 Vegetarian Congress in Southern California!
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Proposed 2018 Program Content 

  1. Plant diets and life cycle stage
  2. Epidemiological studies of vegetarians: updates and the future
  3. Plant foods, plant based diets and the gut microbiome
  4. Reversing chronic diseases with plant based dietary approach

5.  Debate(s): Saturated fat controversies, consumption/ health of butter (rephrase how client prefers) and food choices in the context of plant based diets.
6.  Protein – quantity, quality and source matters
7.  Sustainability of vegetarian diets
8.  Plant foods, food groups and health outcomes
9.  Translational research or applications for practitioners

2018 Schedule of Events 

Monday, February 26 
  • 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Vegetarian Congress Reception and Poster Session
Tuesday, February 27 
  • 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition
  • Vegetarian Congress Banquet
Wednesday, February 28 
  • 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition

Support Opportunites

We invite you to support the 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition!

Join the Loma Linda University School of Public Health and its many diverse partners in the advancement of vegetarian nutrition and research. Your involvement will demonstrate that your company is a powerful supporter of nutritional research and an innovative leader in seeking out new avenues for effective change.

Over 1,000 international health professionals, researchers and educational leaders are expected to attend. Participants will learn the latest advancements in scientific research and take part in informed and relevant dialogue to reframe the conversations around health.

We invite you to be a vital and visible part in the creation and support of vibrant, productive nutrition research.

Sponsorship opportunities

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For more information, contact:
Kemi Adeoye, MPH, CFRE at 909-558-3585 or oladeoye@edu.

7ICVN Specialty Support Opportunities

This event provides an opportunity for your company to showcase your support of the 7ICVN. Supporting events at the 7ICVN are promoted to thousands of health professionals through a multitude of venues — before and after the event. Recognition may include support announcements in 7ICVN online and print advertising materials, conference publications and website; product placement; remarks; or networking opportunities. Custom recognition profiles are available.

Educational Grant

Give the gift of education and experience by providing upcoming leaders in health and research the opportunity to participate in the 7th International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition. Scholarships will be awarded based on merit and need, and will be used at the recipient’s discretion to help to cover the cost of admission, travel expenses and research display materials. You will receive verbal, screen and program recognition as a leader in education in front of all congress participants, and will be offered an on-screen advertisement to be displayed throughout the congress.

Cooking Demo: $5,000

Special opportunity available to a single contributor — this 90-minute session will be hosted by Loma Linda University Health’s own Vegetarian Chef, Cory Gheen. By supporting this session, Chef Cory, in collaboration with one of your chefs, will incorporate your product into his recipes; or work with you to incorporate your featured recipes into his demos. As the Cooking Show supporter, your company will also receive special recognition, and the opportunity to provide all attendees with exclusive gift/package/product information!

For more information, contact:
Kemi Adeoye, MPH, CFRE at 909-558-3585 or oladeoye@llu.edu.